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Posted on June 17, 2016 by in Lifestyle | 0 comments

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I've recently read a book talking about the relationship between a good book and travelling. I can't agree more. As a book lover, nothing is better than the idea of combine the two most enjoyable thing togehter. A good book does not argue with you which restaurant to go, or trying to rip you off when you are spliting the bill for dinner. Althought having someone to travelling with could be a lof of fun, but it is only the case if you meet the right person. Or it could be a total nightmare.

One of the reason that I enoy be on the road on my own is the spantaneousity. I get up whenever I want to, I don't have to make any schedules or make other people happy.

Posted on June 17, 2016 by in Lifestyle | 0 comments

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My biggest inspiration that has changed my attitude towards travelling.

I've always like the idea of being somewhere, but never get to do it. I never take action. Until one day I was talking with a friend and saying how much I wanted to go to Australia, and how great it would be if I could go and so on.

My friend just throw it back one simple question. Why don't you? It was just an honest question. Before coming up with more excuses for myself. This was almost the first time, I was thinking, ok, what is stopping me?

It striked me that no one has been stopping me but myself. Because I was scared. Because it was safe not to change, not to act. I had read an article online not long before that. It talked about how making changes and all that self help kind of things. It planted in my head. After this conversation with my friend. I decided and told myself yes I am doing it.

After six months, I got myself an one way ticket to Melbourne, applied for a working holiday visa, found a place to stay. Here I was, working holiday in Australia. I still remember, I told my parents that I was going for three month, and they were like you would definitely be too homesick and come home after a week. I went home after more than 2 years. And I've never been settled at home since.

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